The Fool’s Home – Germany

The Fool’s Home is in Rodewald, North Germany, close to Hannover. Eugenia “Gea” Maranke facilitates here Fooling workshops with a small circle up to 4 fools. The work is foolish, intense and supports fools freedom. We are in nature, we have space, every fool can eat and sleep here (single rooms:) during the workshops. It’s also […]

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Jaap Slagman

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Eugenia “Gea” Maranke

I am Gea and I am a fooling facilitator and a foolish performer and a human being :) After several years performing as an actor, singer, Clown, Comedian… and Theatre/Dance/Mime/Voice/Play – Performance forms, which are not fitting in a box, I discovered the fool and “fooling” with Franki Anderson. This changed my life completely and […]

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Susanne Carl

Susanne Carl, 0049 (0) 911-472920 Freelanced artist, based in Nürnberg, Germany, works everywhere work crosses styles like fine art, theatre and facilitation/ projects: Mask(making), staged photography, performing, workshop/ facilitation and artprojects My view of the world and my approach to art has been fundamentally broadened by the concept of the Fool. I first […]

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Janne Braungardt

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Olaf Moeller

I once studied theology, I got a degree in social pedagogy, I trained in the circus school Fooltime (Bristol, England) and in the seminar for play and theatre Frankfurt. But the deepest effects on my work I got from the learning I received and still receive by fooling. Using it as the source of my work I show people how to use […]

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Daniela Schlemm

In the end everything will be good and if it isn`t good it isn`t the end yet. My name is Daniela. I am a German state certified clown, which is a joke in itself. I trained at TuT (School of Dance, Clown and Theatre, Hanover). I studied 6 years of psychology at Bremen University. Studying […]

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Franki Anderson

Fool, Performer, Workshop leader, Facilitator, Director, Franki has spent her life developing a way of working which can liberate and cultivate natural creativity in every human being. She has been researching the Fool over over 20 years. Through this work she has transformed and promoted a deeper understanding of the archetype, and developed a contemporary […]

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