The Way Of The Fool

Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is who we are.  The ancient art of fooling has been with us as long as there have been audiences, and the theatrical archetype of the fool is the starting point for this journey.

The fool is a part of our selves which sees life innocently and is not afraid to say what it sees- like the child who declared ‘the emperor has no clothes’.

The Fool is free from being bound by society’s rules of self censorship. Fooling also holds the key to how we learn and create.

The fool plays on the edge, with one foot on the solid ground of the known, and the other hovering over the abyss of the unknown.

The fool plays solely for the sake of the pleasure of playing, utterly absorbed, with no concern for success or failure. Often we stifle our inner fools’ voice for fear of ridicule, and so loose touch with the deep wisdom and easy access to spontaneous creativity that it has to offer us.

Exploring the way of the fool, reclaiming its simple and curious view of the world brings us close to the creative centre that is the root of our true nature, from here we progress to manifesting our dreams.

“Healing takes place through making the unconscious conscious” Sigmund Freud

The way of the fool is a peeling off of layers of convention, taking us back to our original nature. “By stepping into the story of my own life and playing it I become aware of those different layers or ‘masks’ that I’ve been playing and felt so normal. Developing that awareness dis-identifies me from those masks of reality and allows me the freedom to choose.” Franki Anderson

Its our job to comfort the troubled and trouble the comfortable.


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