Eugenia “Gea” Maranke

Eugenia “Gea” Maranke

I am Gea and I am a fooling facilitator and a foolish performer and a human being :)

After several years performing as an actor, singer, Clown, Comedian… and Theatre/Dance/Mime/Voice/Play – Performance forms, which are not fitting in a box, I discovered the fool and “fooling” with Franki Anderson.

This changed my life completely and excited me a lot.

So I learned from Franki Anderson about 8 years, playing as a fool out of the moment and facilitate Fooling-Workshops. The beautifool thing was, that I could combine all the art forms I experienced up to that point in my life also with fooling. I stopped thinking in boxes.

Also privately I stopped this. Through fooling I could change a lot of my inner tragedy into comedy.

So the Workshops I facilitate have sometimes themes like “Fools Freedom for clowns” or “The voice of the fool” and “Fools freedom for the trap of wanting to please”.
People, who are coming to my workshops are interested in: the fool, performance skills, improvisation, personal process, creative process, voice, playing with inner parts, being in the “now”, freedom, music and movement improvisation, archetypes, presence, laughter, being a child again, changing perspective of their life, learn to stay in a focus, relax, being unconventional, discovering skills, Clowning, learning communication in a valueing way… and surprises :)

Werkschau Fooling Theater Improvisation

I am offering these workshops in Hannover at TUT (School for theatre, Clown and Dance,, in my Home (called FoolsHome), in Kiel… and whereever groups are calling me, mainly in Northern Germany.

I love that work, it’s my heartblood… and I have been┬ádoing this now for about 15 years.

The fool as an archetype with it’s symbols of the Zero, the Mirror, the Change of perspective, the Humour, the Depth, the Truth and the Lie became the leader of my life. Living, playing and facilitating out of the “now” is the big essence to me.

If you are interested in a fooling-workshop in Germany, you are welcome.


“Take the things seriously, but not too serious” (Franki Anderson)

“It’s amazing how much sense there is in Non-sense” (Gea)

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