Lorenzo Bocchese

Lorenzo Bocchese

Who am I?

I am an Italian player and facilitator who loves his work. And who believes that there is a stage wherever I walk, if I want it.

That’s how I collected experiences in improvised shows, in workshops, in storytelling projects and experiments, working with and for people of any age, from 5 to 85, every time learning something different. I love to work with and for children, the greatest teachers I have experienced, playing with them and building up shows where to use their immense energy. Or teen-agers, looking at the world through their eyes and giving voice to their dreams and fears. Or adult fellows, sharing adventures and inventing together ways to express their stories.



Since the very beginning, Fooling and the Empty Space work have been a ‘lighthouse in the night’, as we use to say in Italian. For me, the ultimate place to leave from and to go back to. For me Fooling has always meant adventure, discovery, learning, validation. And the opportunity to bring my being Italian in an European environment.

When I think of Fooling, I have got stories to tell. I am also aware of how complicated it is to put into words the magic of that experience. Nevertheless, I feel committed to document and help to picture Fooling as a wonderfully rich experience, both in theatre and as an approach to life.


Why do I do what I do?

Because I love stories. I love to weave stories together, using improvisation for focusing on what I feel important to be said.

Because, amongst other many different functions, for me Theatre is a great chance to speak my voice, my view, my way to look at the world.

Because I believe that, through playing and creating a safe context for people to express, we all have got a chance to share what – for me – really matters: respect, understanding, validation.

Because I love it.


My websites (in Italian and, partly, in English)

http://www.lorenzobocchese.it (my personal website)

http://www.teatrodelmatto.it (about theatre, fooling, workshops, adult and children shows)

http://www.facilitatore.it (about facilitation and related projects – theatre, personal development, participation, corporate world -)

http://www.pifferaio.it (about a show of mine, “Il Pifferaio dei Diritti”, specifically on Children’ Rights)

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