Reint Laan

Reint Laan

Go West Young Man, Go West

Started out as a schoolteacher, managed to escape from education. During Amsterdam Festival of Fools 1981, Reint made his debute as a fool in Stoney Burkes ‘Fixit Yourself Theatre’, in the Vondelpark and Bijlmer Prison.

Reint did workhops with Keith Johnstone (impro), Franki Anderson (clowning, juggling, acrobatics), Richard Balke and the Rotterdam Quicksilver Theatre, earned three degrees from the Como Brothers Acrobats and juggled with Lee Hayes. Singing lessons and accordeon instruction completed his streetperformers skills.

In 1984, with Cecilia Meinders and Eric Verouden, he started their own theatre company ‘Foundation to Preserve Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf’. After a year Eric left for Nucleo in Italy, so Reint continued together with Cecilia. Aside from performing a lot in the Netherlands, Belgium and even in England, he followed the LeCoq fashion theatreschools of Luc de Smet and Saidi Lassaad in Brussels.

Up to this day Reint stayed closely connected to the work Franki Anderson is involved in. Franki directed quite some shows for Cecilia and Reint: Circus Rijn & Trijn, Controledienst, The Fool and the Emperors New Clothes, Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarves and the impressive Wildchild (with also the help of Hilde Cromheecke). Quite some of these shows have played for many years. Aside from the shows Reint organized Franki’s workshops in Rotterdam, just to be sure that he could be in them.

In 2011 this cooperation evolved into a FoolsFest2011: Reint’s 70th birthday, and 30 years working together with Franki.

Also Reint and Cecilia worked in Dutch hospitals als cliniclowns for about five years and based on that work a new childrens show was produced ‘Rijn & Trijn spelen Jip & Jannekeā€.

Being a private pilote and share-owner of a small Piper Cub airplane, he made the story ‘Flying Dutchman and his Cub, a dream comes true’, which he played as well in Europe as in the USA for bothe children as adults. In 2012 it was published in bookform.

These days Reint organizes a monthly Fools in the Empty Space Sunday in Rotterdam and hopes to develop a Fools group there with regular Fools Shows, which is possible the the space being used Fruitvis Rotterdam.

Aside from Impro courses Reint teaches at SKVR (Rotterdam) and Clownschool Buus (Delft), he likes to direct plays as well.

All this with a lot of professional skill, enthusiasm, playfoolness, energy and movement.

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