Susanne Carl

Susanne Carl

Susanne Carl,
0049 (0) 911-472920

Freelanced artist, based in Nürnberg, Germany, works everywhere
work crosses styles like fine art, theatre and facilitation/ projects:
Mask(making), staged photography, performing, workshop/ facilitation and artprojects

My view of the world and my approach to art has been fundamentally broadened by the concept of the Fool.
I first met Franki in 1998. Ever since I have found the space to free myself and to develop my passion for play. The theme of identity and roles was already present in my work as a fine artist; I discovered many parallels in Fool, with the concept of changing perspective.
My facilitation is based on Fool, which creates a special validating atmosphere.
I attended a number of Fool`s projects in Germany and abroad; and am particularly enjoying the contacts I made all over Europe.

Studied fine art; worked as an art teacher at (universities and high schools); Trainings in Fool, clown, physical theatre, masks in Germany and all over Europe. Trainings with the masktheatre Familie Flöz whose work with masks is a huge inspiration.

Winner of a special Award of culture, Nürnberg, 2007

2016 Launch of the book Ich bin nicht auf dieser Welt / I am not on this world, Susanne Carl / Bruno Weiß, a number of coloured staged photographs with characters wearing masks. Text german/ english, 24.- €,.
“We witness escapes on small scale and breakdowns on a large scale” ( Thomas Heyden, Neues Museum Nürnberg) ISBN 978-3-903131-13-2


Skills / offers, for adults

1. Workshop
– playing with masks
(bodylanguage, special techniques, nonverbal contact to the audience, developing characters with costumes, scenes)
– mask making
– Clown, beginners and advanced, professionals, or specific themes

2. Maskproject
Performance in the public spaces, site-specific and with live music.

3. Art events with audience participation

4. Directing

5. Solo performance

6. Staged Photography / Exhibition / Book     

Language: German and English

A number of video clips of art projects and performances with masks

Photos: Bruno Weiß, Berny Meyer

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